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What is Satellite Internet and How Does it Work?

Satellite internet service involves 3 satellite dishes connected wirelessly.A satellite dish at your home property will be pointed towards another satellite 22,000 miles in space and have the ability to send and receive all of your online requests to the provider's satellite dish. A modem is also required and connected to the dish on your property. Once everything is connected, you will have two way communication between you and the internet provider.

Who Provides Satellite Service in Your Area?

Main Satellite Internet Providers

Satellite Internet is particular and limited to a handful of companies listed below.

Dish: history of Digital TV and expanding and growing their satellite internet service speeds and bandwidth.
HughesNet: long history of Satellite service from data to TV and one of the first major satellite industries.
Viasat: an American company from California providing high speed satellite internet in the US and the world.

Pros and Cons of Satellite internet service


  • Availability - service is available everywhere in the world.
  • High Speeds - significantly faster than DSL, speeds to be 10x to 35x times faster than dialup and can handle high bandwidth usage.
  • No Phone Line Required.


  • Realiability - the weather affects the satellite signal's path. During bad wind or rain storms quality and interruption of service may occur.
  • High Ping - due to the distance of the signal transmission, there is inevitable poor latency or high ping rate.

Equipment You Need for Satellite Internet

Satellite Dish - is required to communicate with the satellite in the space to send/receive all your data.
Coaxial Modem - router will be connected inside your home and to your computer/devices to interpret the satellite signals so your website request can display


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